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Why We’re Here

A health crisis is looming and the culprit is metabolic dysfunction.

88% of Americans are metabolically unwell and struggle with obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, or diabetes. Eighty-eight million Americans are pre-diabetic. More than a quarter of Americans have unhealthy cholesterol levels. An American dies of heart disease every 36 seconds. And these numbers are climbing.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Science has demonstrated that tools like mindful nutrition, sustainable exercise, and restorative sleep can materially repair our metabolisms and, in turn, extend our lives. These are straightforward tools, yet few put them to use. Why? A lack of knowledge is one hurdle, but ultimately, changing behaviors is hard. Even when those behaviors are killing us.

We’ve created Zero to solve this problem.

Zero helps anyone form healthy habits for metabolic wellbeing. We’re helping millions of people commit to life-saving, longevity-boosting practices, all in service to our ultimate goal: extending the lifespan and healthspan of the human race. And we’ve only just begun.

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